Régis Behmo

Hi! I'm a freelance fullstack sofware engineer working remotely from the Hautes Alpes, in the south east of France. Things I'm an expert at include:

  • C/C++, Python and Django development
  • Data science and big data engineering
  • Open edX development and administration
  • Computer vision and machine learning (check out my PhD thesis)
  • Climbing

Want to work with me? I am available for 1-day to 6-month contract work. I can also provide personalised training on various subjects, including: advanced Python, Django, Test-driven development, Data science, Apache Spark. Just send me an email :-)

Recent projects

I am currently working on creating a Data Architect course for OpenClassrooms, a leading French EdTech startup.

I did a couple presentations at the last Open edX conferences:

France Université Numérique is a fantastic open source project powered by the French ministry of higher education and research. It's based on Open edx.

Nuli! 努力! is a powerful web application to boost your Chinese. It's developed on a Python/Django stack, with lots of Redis and Celery involved. I love it :) Seriously, if you are learning Chinese, create an account right now!

Optimal Naive Bayes Nearest Neighbours (ONBNN) is a C++ implementation of my work on image classification. It's very slow, but it's really simple and an extremely powerful classifier. It beats kernel SVM on image classification in terms of performance -- that's impressive.

All things related to my thesis on image understanding can be found here.